Thursday, October 24, 2013

Keeping the Faith, But Losing the Bully

Church bullies who inflict abuse bring about a spiritual battle. A church should be a refuge. When bad behavior happens inside a House of God, it creates a deep inner turmoil. You were seeking to escape the evils of the world, only to find more evil in a place where you were trying to walk closer with the Lord.

At first you try to stick it out in your spiritual home, hoping the storm will pass. Then, when things become unbearable, you have one of two choices. You can either tough it out or you can leave. This is an excruciating fork in the road for families with children. Should you uproot them? Where will  you go from here? Will they lose their faith in the process? Will your own faith weaken because of this disruption?

If the church is very family oriented, you worry about how to find a replacement. You might live in an isolated area with no other churches around. How far are you willing to drive each Sunday?

In nearly every instance, though, the best answer is to leave a bad environment and go somewhere else. Only then can you find the peace of God, which He intended for you.

Flickr photo by FortheglryofGod

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