Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Need to Pray for People Who've Hurt Us

As Christians we need to love our enemies, even those people who've hurt us deeply. Even if they don't apologize. We also need to pray for them. I've noticed that as I continue to pray for a particular person it becomes much easier to forgive them.

Bullies are most in need of our prayer. If they hurt us unintentionally, they deserve our pardon. If it was deliberate, they desperately need more grace. They need to get right with God, because they are walking in darkness. He will also demand a full accounting of their actions. Bad behavior doesn't happen in isolation. If someone mistreats one person, they will mistreat another. Most bullies are serial bullies, selecting new targets where ever they go.

Although I have no proof, I believe that if someone mistreats us, our prayers for them are especially efficacious. It might be God's way of helping them get into Heaven. (Don't worry, they will be totally different people once they arrive there.)

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