Thursday, March 13, 2014

Biblical Perspective on Narcissistic Abuse

Reading the Bible helped me gain perspective on the narcissistic abuse I had experienced at church. Although some may wonder why I stayed so long in a voluntary setting, it wasn't easy to leave. For one, I was home schooling my children and this was their social network. They were very plugged in to this place of worship, and I worried that pulling them away from this would harm their faith. Also, this setting had a lot of Catholic devotions and I knew I wouldn't find anything comparable elsewhere. So I stuck it out, hoping and praying that things would miraculously turn around.

What happened is that God called me elsewhere. I did have to give up the ultra-Catholic trappings I had valued so much. But there really were trappings. What really matters is your relationship with God. Bells and incense mean little if your heart isn't in the right place.

In the midst of all of this, before leaving, I would spend time every Sunday reading my Bible, which contained so much advice applicable to my situation. There was a lot of talk about fools, which is why I chose the picture on top, and not walking with fools. People who abuse others, especially at church, are very foolish.

The Book of Proverbs was especially rich in wisdom. It helped me to feel pity, instead of anger, for the chief bully and her companions. It made me realize just how much prayer they so desperately need.

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