Thursday, April 24, 2014

Church Chicks Rule the Roost

One of the most difficult aspects of trying to practice your faith nowadays is the problem of overbearing women who seize control of a parish. Someone once referred to these types as "church chicks." Not all women who are heavily involved in their church fit this description. Many volunteers are true Servants of God, and are absolutely delightful to be around.

But sometimes bossy women with strong narcissistic traits obtain too much power. They guard their little fiefdoms and make life miserable for anybody who gets in their way or for any other woman whom they envy. The best way to avoid becoming a target is to keep your head down and to not get too involved in church activities and church committees. Be friendly to all and maintain a healthy detachment from parish politics.

You can usually distinguish a benign personality from the more malignant type by their actions. (By their fruits you shall know them.) A "church chick" who spells trouble will typically indulge in gossip, attempting to sow discord where ever she goes. She may also display a sense of entitlement. Give her a very wide berth.

Church is supposed to be a refuge, but often it's not. There is great spiritual disorder in the world at present, and this is just another manifestation.

For a discussion of female narcissism, please visit my female bullies blog.

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  1. I call the favoured young people in evangelical churches 'Midwich Cuckoos' as they are invariably blond haired and blue eyed. They are often to be found in the music worship group with zero musical and singing talent and ooze with fake confidence which tinged arrogance. The in crowd in the Christian school in the film 'Saved' is typical of them.