Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Role of the Devil in Church Divisions

If there's any kind of narcissistic abuse at church, it's a safe bet that the devil is involved. That's because he likes to split people apart and to create bad feelings among those who previously worked well together, and who should be doing only God's work here on earth.

However, by stirring up rivalries, he manages to thwart God's plans. It seems as if the devil is ever more powerful nowadays. I know some readers may not be Catholic, but there was an event involving Pope Leo XIII, back in the late 1800's, that gives us a clue as to what we're dealing with today. This holy pontiff had a vision in which he witnessed the devil talking to Jesus. The devil said "I'm going to destroy your Church." Jesus, in effect, said, "Go ahead and try."

Those of us who read the Bible know that the Church will stand tall until the end of time, and that the gates of hell will not prevail against it.

The devil told Him he needed time and power. Jesus said he could have both. In the last 100 years or so the world and the Church have undergone great upheaval. We've seen all that the devil can do, although we know his days are also numbered.

So if there is division in a parish, and someone causing trouble, we can rest assured that the evil one is behind it. The recourse is prayer and trust in God. For whatever reason, He is allowing the strike, all for a greater purpose.

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