Saturday, April 12, 2014

You'll Likely be Blamed for the Church Problems

Having one or more malignant personalities in a parish, coupled with a pastor who's not a strong leader, creates a recipe for upheaval and discord. It takes just one disordered individual to create a lot of divisions, but, typically, like-minded people work in a pack. In a religious setting, a bully will often recruit his or her flying monkeys to help dole out abuse.

People with strong narcissistic traits also like to project their devious deeds onto their target. So, if they are stirring up trouble, they'll convince the pastor, and everyone else, that you're the reason there's so much division. If you want to know what you're being blamed for, all you need to do is figure out what the narcissist is doing. This is the behavior he or she is falsely accusing you of doing.

Unfortunately, once things reach this point, the atmosphere is poisoned and there's little hope for a reversal. Your best recourse is to find another place to worship. You'll be much happier once you make the switch. Although it's going to be a difficult transition, you can, perhaps, do it in stages. Just don't tell anyone where you plan to go. It's not unheard of for a vindictive malignant narcissists to try to make life difficult for you elsewhere, at least until a new target is selected.

Eventually, the pack of flying monkeys recruited by the narcissist will then devour itself. In this kingdom divided against itself, infighting will split the group into warring factions.

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