Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Prophecy of St. Nilus and the Present Crisis in the Church

There is a crisis in the Catholic Church, which has withstood the gates of hell for 2,000 years and will continue to do so until the end of time. But there's no doubt things are not right, in the Church and in the world. There is spiritual darkness, which many of us see at the parish level all too clearly. It's a time of upheaval, and many souls are getting caught in the chaos.

Some of us have seen unbelievable things happening. If you tried to explain, it would sound implausible, unless the person you're speaking with has witnessed something similar. Great disorder is now seen in some parishes, schools and home school groups. Although this blog is written from a Catholic perspective, I've also run into evangelicals who've been run out of their place of worship or youth group by a person who appears to suffer from narcissistic personality disorder.

(Even though this site is maintained by a Catholic, anyone is free to comment on the problem of difficult people in church, many of whom have narcissistic traits and have a penchant for malicious gossip and sowing discord.)

Anyway, it's my personal opinion that all of this is a sign of the times. We need to forgive these people, even though it's unlikely they're going to apologize. We need to pray for them. And we need to stay close to God during this storm.

Saint Nilus the Elder, who lived in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, was a 5th-century mystic and prophet. He was able to predict many of the things we seem to be living through now. He foresaw many of the changes that would happen around the dawn of the 20th-century. He said that "lawlessness" would grow and "people will be cruel."

He said love would become extinguished and people would become greedy. Here is the part of his prophecy that you can probably really relate to. He said that many would lose their faith, but those trying to cling to it would seek out "holy refuges." However, even there, they would find "obstacles and constraints."

Some of his prophecy also speaks of apocalyptic events.

If you are currently having difficulty in a parish setting, remain strong in your faith. Change parishes if you have to. Lose the bullies, but don't lose God.

For a discussion on female malignant narcissists, please visit my Female Bullies blog.

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