Saturday, June 28, 2014

Church Bullies - The Poorest of the Poor

One morning, when I was at church, I had a thought that made me realize that I need to pray more for some of the people at my former place of worship. Although I am a very flawed individual, and a very unworthy servant, no one should make it difficult for another person (in my case it was my entire family) to practice their faith. If someone is of the mind to do that, they must have a very broken relationship with God. This is very sad.

While I was reflecting upon this, it struck me that the behavior I witnessed was because these people did not have enough grace to treat others with respect. Without this grace, we are literally capable of anything. They are nothing more than adult bullies, a behavior probably carried over from childhood. Only now that they've "matured," they've gotten even meaner and even more destructive. Each time they push another person around, their souls become more hardened. Ultimately, they are hurting only themselves. They need to amend their lives for their own sake, not for ours. If you're reading this, and have become the target of a church mobbing, it can't hurt to keep reminding yourself of this fact. I know this is a very difficult experience, and it's hard to remain hopeful when a battle is raging.

God will allow a storm to rage against a soul only for a limited time. Then, the storm suddenly abates. You are no longer being kicked around, and you emerge from this tempest with a stronger mental outlook and a closer relationship with Our Lord. The bully has only wracked up a long list of misdeeds.

This is why these folks truly are the poorest of the poor. They are spiritually blind, and waging an all-out war on a fellow parishioner is not going to help them see the light, at least not without our prayers.

I am truly frightened for some of the people I've encountered. God chastises those He loves. The fact that someone has gotten away with so many despicable acts must be a punishment in itself. Each one of these incidents they will have to account for.

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