Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Heaven is Our True Home

No matter what happens in your parish, just keep telling yourself that "this too shall pass." Those were the very words I distinctly remember a priest talking about while immersed in a church mobbing. For those who are unfamiliar with this concept, it seems very strange that something like this could happen, in a house of God, of all placed. But with all the disorder in the Church, and in the world, it shouldn't be too surprising. Even in Biblical times, there were disputes in the early Christian Church. They continue today.

One new twist, though, is that much of the commotion seems to be driven by women. In the years following Vatican Council II, lay women have assumed a greater role in parish life. This can be a decidedly mixed blessing if one of them happens to have strong narcissistic traits, and she chooses you as her target. (This is what happened to me.)

Looking back on my experience, I now realize that God was trying to teach me a few lessons. One is not to become overly attached to any parish or faith community. That's because everything can change in an instant. Another is that God is with you no matter what. He is watching everything and your time of trial will be short lived, although it seems like an eternity while you're waiting for things to improve. There was another lesson I think God wanted to reinforce as well. Heaven is our true home, which is why things don't seem quite right here on earth.

When the trial is over, you are happier and, hopefully, strengthened in your faith. God was brought you out of the darkness once again.

For a discussion of female malignant narcissism, please visit my Female Bullies blog.

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