Saturday, July 5, 2014

Overcoming Narcissistic Abuse With Prayer

Prayer is your best recourse when you become the target of a church mobbing. You need to pray both for yourself and for the people who are so spiritually blind that they see no problem with acting out in God's house. Anyone who willingly and knowingly doles out emotional abuse in a religious setting does not have their heart and mind set on God or on Heavenly things. They are still very much fixed to this passing world. They are also in very great need of conversion, probably even more so than most of the folks who never set foot in church.

It's now been a few years since I've removed myself, my husband and my children from a toxic place of worship. Even after things turned ugly, I had convinced myself that this setting offered some sort of advantage, in terms of eternal salvation. Now I know the opposite is true. Staying in a poisonous atmosphere would have harmed our souls. Church bullies are very frustrating and distracting.

Leaving this setting was the best decision we ever made. I had prayed hard for things to improve where we were, but God answered my prayer in a different way that turned out to be miraculous. Living through a church mobbing can bring many blessings, although these are typically apparent only when you look back upon the situation.

So, when you're under fire, in church of all places, turn go God. He's listening and He's walking closely with you during this trial.

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