Monday, August 11, 2014

God Will Send Trials

It's now been several years since I was the target of a church mobbing, most likely started by a woman I considered to be a friend. God is good. Since then, He has filled my life with peace and happiness. Yes, I needed to uproot my children and leave our spiritual home. Fears and concerns about what this would do to their faith prevented me from acting sooner. However, looking back, I believe cutting our losses and heading to another parish was the best thing I could have done for them.

Now, from the perspective of hindsight, I know that God watched this all play out and He didn't stop it as soon as I would have liked. That's because He allowed it to happen, for a reason, because He knew of a way to bring a greater good of out this whole mess.

If you're reading this blog, perhaps you too are dealing with a church bully. They are certainly out there. Every parish probably has one or more, kept in check if there's a strong leader. However, if this isn't the case, or the poor pastor is outnumbered, these narcissists in sheep's clothing will seize the moment.

Sometimes, they even gain the power to spiritually abuse other members of the congregation. Or, unfortunately, the pastor has a disordered personality and he is very difficult to deal with. Unfortunately, it seems as if we're living in a time and an age in which malignant narcissism is hard to escape, even in church.

But anyway, regardless of the times we're living in, we do know that God to test our faith. These too shall pass. If you're a target of a church bully, you have my utmost sympathy as well as my prayers. Keep the faith.

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