Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Having a Healthy Detachment at Church

Part of surviving as a Christian today, I believe, means lowering our expectations of what a church is supposed to be. Yes, in an ideal world, it's meant to be a place of peace, love and refreshment. However, in reality, that's not the experience many people have today.

With the Church in crisis and the world in flux, the healthiest response, I believe, is to maintain a certain detachment with your place of worship. By all means, settle in as best you can and don't go looking for trouble. But don't view it as a near-perfect haven on earth, because that will inevitably lead to disappointment.

Since the world and the Church are in disarray, we can expect to encounter difficulties in a church setting, especially if we get too involved. That's because domineering personalities have taken over many parishes, something especially noticeable if there's a change in leadership. If the new pastor is has weaknesses himself, this can mean difficulty.

Remember, nothing on earth is permanent and nothing is perfect. Heaven will be. However, we just have to persevere until we get there.

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