Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Jesus, I Trust in You

Being mobbed at church is a horrifying experience. When it's taking place, you don't know where to turn, because staying in the same setting is excruciating, yet moving away is frightening. These feelings are intensified if you have children, because you worry about uprooting them, and what this move will do to their faith.

However, if things become so bad, you will need to move. Don't forget that God is watching everything. He sees the big picture, and he has a plan to deliver you from this evil. I'm now several years removed from a church mobbing. I've regrouped and I'm here to tell you that God will deliver you out of this mess. You will land in a much better spot and you'll eventually look back on the entire experience with nothing but pity for the poor souls (the poorest of the poor) who didn't have the graces to not act up at church.

What do church bullies gain from their actions? Maybe a short burst of "pleasure" that they had the authority to make life miserable for someone else. However, in the context of eternity, what they did was extremely foolish.
Pixabay photo top by Hans

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