Monday, September 22, 2014

Justice for Church Bullies

Being a target of a church bully, or a pack of them, is an unenviable position. As you endure this trial, the bullies seem larger than life and invincible. Yet, this is only an illusion. First of all, even in a temporal sense, a bully's power has an expiration date. A chief instigator will be surrounded by flying monkeys, some of whom, typically, trade off on doling out some of the abuse. None of these people have the moral fortitude to stand up for the innocent target. A number of them also have their own personality issues that make them crave power and attention. Since these folks are of weak character, a bully cannot depend on them when the going gets rough.

Things are eventually going to come undone for the bullies. They've formed a group that won't be held together by God, and their plans and projects will not have His assistance. (Church bullies love projects.) It is only a matter of time until these come crashing down, since a house divided against itself cannot stand.

Then, there is the justice that will happen in the afterlife. People who abuse others at church, unfortunately, have squandered their time and talents. One day they will have to appear before God. We hope they repent beforehand. People who are just do not mistreat others, especially at church. Nor do they sow discord and put enmity between friends. These are the actions of fools.

Meanwhile, arm yourself with prayer. Hold your head up and carry on. God is with you. The bully's reign will be very short lived.

Pixabay image top by Monelgonel

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