Monday, September 8, 2014

Mary Take Over with Church Bullies

There is another beautiful Marian devotion known as Mary Take Over. This is when you ask Our Blessed Mother to take over your problems, so you don't have to think about them. Since being a target of a church bully is a spiritual crisis, since you may very likely be required to flee your spiritual home, it's a good time to turn to the Mother of God.

Anyway, being run out of your parish by a pack of church bullies is something I don't recommend, but I know it happens, judging from my own personal experience, as well as that of some others. It's also something people generally don't talk about, but I want to shine some light on this subject for those currently having difficulties at church.

One of the many prayers I said during this trying time was the Mary Take Over prayer. If you repeat this prayer every day, Our Blessed Mother will listen. She will work things out for you in a most miraculous way, all in God's time, of course.

Pixabay image top by piper60

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