Friday, September 26, 2014

The Wicked Will Stab Each Other

Church bullies try to exclude people they don't like. They may even work to drive someone, or even an entire family, out of the congregation. They accomplish this by forming a pack of like-minded individuals, who offer no resistance when they see someone else being mistreated.

It's likely these flying monkeys have swallowed some of the lies spread about the target. These stories are usually started by a morally disordered person, who either views the target as a threat, or accurately perceives that he or she will not have the necessary social supports to prevent a narcissistic abuse campaign from getting off the ground.

It is very painful to experience narcissistic abuse at church. It often means leaving a spiritual home that you've become accustomed to, and where you've put down roots. It also begs the question of where you're going to worship in the future, especially if you live in a small town that may only have one church. It may mean you have to drive miles on Sunday, or during the week, if you attend daily Mass.

It's also hurtful that people you once considered friends do not have your back, and have aligned themselves with the bully by allowing this behavior to flourish. (People are weak,) You may feel hurt that you're now left out of a church-based social group, which once brought a lot of meaning to your life. However, don't be. The fact that this group acted disorderly means it's going to fall apart. People who abuse one person will abuse another, and the next target will likely be chosen from the ranks of those who watched another suffer, without lifting a finger to help.

It's also possible one or more of the flying monkeys wants to be the ring leader. Things will get very ugly as they jockey for this position.

God will take care of things. All you need to do is watch and pray. Church bullies desperately need our prayers.

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