Friday, September 19, 2014

You Might be the Means of Their Salvation

As hard as it is to do, try to have mercy and compassion on a church bully, if you find yourself a target. They truly don't know what they are doing, and they have no clue they will be held accountable for all of their actions after they die. If they did, they would conduct themselves much differently.

There is a true story of a very holy nun who lived in the Middle Ages. She was tormented by another religious sister in her convent. The saintly sister undertook severe penances for the conversion of this wayward soul, whom, even though she was called to be a Bride of Christ, slid deeply into sin. Yes, she did get some people to turn against the saintly sister. Her actions and lies also resulted in the saintly sister being severely punished.

However, the virtuous sister acted with great love and compassion, and through the means of a private revelation, agreed to take on severe penances to save the soul of this poor sister. Through many charitable works and prayers, the sister eventually repented and converted. Then she died, after a prolonged illness. Later, it was also revealed that the soul of this sister was saved, but she would also be in Purgatory until the end of the world.

Catholics believe that only a soul whom is perfected may enter Heaven, and most of us need a little more time purging our faults until we can see God face to face.

As you endure the trial of confronting a church bully, whom wants to make life miserable and possibly drive you from your place of worship, just because he or she can, have mercy on them. Pity them. This life is very short, and they will soon face a just judge who has seen everything.

Pray for them. Your prayers may very well result in their eternal salvation, although, perhaps, they will need spend time in Purgatory. Perhaps, because you are suffering, your prayers are all that more powerful, and God will use them to bring this soul back to Him. (A just and righteous person will never conduct a hate campaign against someone else.)

For a discussion of female malignant narcissism, please visit my Female Bullies blog. One thing that helped me forgive the person who instigated a church mobbing, which resulted in my family fleeing our place of worship, was picturing her standing before God, the just judge who rights all wrongs. I sincerely want God to have mercy on her soul, as well as my own poor soul. Our time on earth is very short, and we must use it wisely. Yes, a church bully, who likely suffers from a character flaw that psychologists call malignant narcissism,will eventually see justice.

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