Saturday, October 25, 2014

Church-Based Mobbing is Similar to Workplace Mobbing

An angry mob behaves the same, whether it's in the workplace or at church. The dynamics of workplace mobbing and church-based mobbing are remarkably similar. What typically happens is a chief instigator misleads and influences a number of others. The target becomes the scapegoat and he or she is blamed for a variety of things that he or she is not guilty of and had nothing to do with. The mobbing gains momentum as vicious rumors swirl.

Mobbing can happen where ever a group gathers, and church is no exception. However, there is very little information about church mobbing, which can have devastating emotional consequences for the target. The goal of the chief bully is to drive the scapegoated person from the group. When this happens in church, the target is faced with finding another place of worship. However, there may not be another church within a reasonable driving distance. If the target has children, it also means moving them to a new spiritual home, which can have serious implications if they are teenagers or preteens.

In order to understand what's happening, it may help to read some literature on mobbing. This will give you coping skills, or help you see that staying in a toxic spiritual atmosphere is a losing battle and possibly a danger to your soul as well.

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