Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Life is So Short - The Folly of a Bully

Pondering the ebola outbreak that is devastating parts of West Africa and has now spread to Europe and the United States, you cannot help but realize that life is short and fragile. Many of the people who've died were healthy and in the prime of life just a few weeks ago. Prior to their infection, they probably had no idea they'd be meeting Our Lord so soon.

We also do not know the time when He will call us home. Life here is so short, and if we keep that in mind, it will carry us through a church-based mobbing. Mobbing, or people ganging up on one person, in order to drive them from a faith-based setting is something I know happens, because it happened to me and my family. Some of the people who've found this blog have entered the search term, "church mobbing," so I know my experienced is not an isolated incident.

Even under the best of circumstances, if we're reached middle age, we only have a few more decades left on this earth. So, really, there is absolutely nothing to be gained from bullying another person. If only a church bully could understand this, and see the damage they are doing to themselves. In the end, they are only harming themselves because with each act of aggression they are moving further away from God. At our particular judgement, when we meet Christ face to face, we will be held accountable for everything we've said and done to hurt another.

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Pray for your bully. He or she desperately needs your prayers.

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