Monday, November 17, 2014

Being Mobbed Makes You Stronger

We know that God will always bring good out of evil. The Old Testament account of Joseph, who was sold into slavery by his brothers, tells of Joseph later telling his brothers, "You meant evil against me, but God meant it for good."

Joseph being forced to go to Egypt, where he later rose to a position of prominence, and he was able to help many people, including his own family members, when a famine struck the land. Joseph correctly prophesied a seven-year famine, following seven years of plentiful harvests. Because he had gained the trust of the Pharoah, Joseph was able to go about the country, and order that grain be stockpiled, preventing mass starvation.

So we can trust that in our own trials, God is overseeing everything and allowing it to happen for a reason. Perhaps it is your prayers that will make a difference, and the church bully, or bullies, will eventually convert as a result. (Church bullies are in serious need of conversion.)

No doubt, there will be great benefits for your own soul as well. For one, a church mobbing will make you stronger. Once things settle down, and you relocate (probably the best thing to do), you will no longer care as much what people think of you. This is very liberating. If this happens when you have young children, you will learn to trust more in God, and to realize that nothing anyone can do, to drive you from a parish, will ultimately affect the eternal salvation of your family.

This whole experience can be one big lesson, of learning to trust in God. When I look back upon the time my family was driven from our spiritual home, it all seems so inconsequential now. At the time, it seemed larger than life. Now I can smile and shake my head, and think, "Did that really happen?"

In any event, please don't let what's happening shake your relationship with God. Lose the bully, but don't lose your faith.

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