Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Beware of the Nerdy Church Narcissist

It is very hard to discern someone's character, because we are living in an era of deceit, betrayal and entitlement. Unfortunately, given the times, we must always be on our guard, even at church. Actually, I should say especially at church.

There is a type of emotional predator that some psychologists describe as a "covert narcissist." I've written about this before, but I want to cover it again because it is such a serious problem. These predators are drawn to churches and religious organizations for a number of reasons. One is that this is where they will find acceptance and enough people whom are nice enough to overlook their personality quirks. Oftentimes, covert narcissists, whom are extremely dangerous, come across as nerdy.

I have the most experience with female covert narcissists, the church lady types. These gals may look and act like saints, but, deep down inside, they are highly competitive. Because church has become their home away from home, they will fight to the death to destroy any other female they view as a threat. So watch out for these she wolves in sheep's clothing. Under no circumstances, should you share your secrets with anyone you don't know well, even if they have a pious exterior.

Female malignant narcissists, especially the covert ones, are very dangerous creatures. It's my personal opinion that you're more likely to find them at church than anywhere else.

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