Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Benefits of Not be Too Attached to a Parish

One of the things church mobbing cures you of is being overly attached to a place of worship. I had come to regard our spiritual home as a second home. I loved it there, and the thought of leaving was unthinkable. It's hard to fathom how someone with a personality disorder, working behind the scenes, was able to conduct a hate campaign that resulted in our family having to flee this somewhat irregular setting, which wasn't a parish, but was still subject to Rome.

However, just as in a workplace mobbing, this couldn't have happened without the full cooperation of the priest who had just arrived, and whom seemed to be highly invested in being accepted by some of the laity. In an office, management either turns a blind eye to the bullying, or participates more actively. A mobbing can happen only if management cooperates.

In retrospect, however, this entire experience was a blessing. Being terrified by the thought of having to leave our spiritual home meant I was too attached, and too concerned with preserving what I had. This means, in a sense, that I was imprisoned by all the trappings of Catholicism found there.

Now I don't care as much what happens in church. God is there and He's all that matters. Nothing here on earth is permanent and everything is passing. This is a lesson I think God was trying to teach me.

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