Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Don't Expect Peace in Church Right Now

There's an old Catholic saying, "As the Church Goes, So Goes the World." Perhaps I've mentioned this before. What this means is that when things are not well in the Catholic Church, founded 2,000 years ago by Christ, we can expect to see trouble in the temporal sphere.

The Catholic Church is still in the midst of perhaps her biggest crisis in history. However, the fourth-century Arian Crisis was very bad as well. This is when most of the world's bishops accepted the heresy that Jesus Christ did not have a Divine nature. This heresy was started by an unfaithful priest by the name of Arias, and it spread throughout Christendom. One very brave bishop now known as Saint Athanasius resisted this heresy. He and his followers held the faith during this period.

Eventually, the heresy died out, since Jesus promised that the gates of Hell would not destroy His Church. Other heresies around, but, today, there is widespread apostasy and weakness of faith. We see this in the lack of attendance at Mass.

There are varying estimates about Mass attendance in the United States. But the vast majority, perhaps around 80 percent of people whom identify as Catholic, do not attend Mass every Sunday. This trend is also evidenced by church closing and mergers. In recent years, hundreds of Catholic schools around the country have also closed.

It used to be that nearly every parish had a group of religious sisters (in habit) praying for the priests and for the parishioners. Now, it's rare to see a nun anywhere.

We have wars, famines, epidemics and flagrant violation of God's laws. Everything seems shaky at the moment

So try not to get too comfortable in any one religious setting, because things can change so quickly. We can always expect problems anywhere a group of people gather, but that's much more true today, given what's going on.

Various Church-approved prophecies, such as Fatima and Akita, have warned of these times. We are now living in them.

Stay close to God, no matter what is happening around you. He will see you through this.

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