Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Church Bullies are Self Righteous

The church bullies I've met share a common trait. They spent a lot of time pointing out the foibles of others. But, apparently, they don't have enough insight into their own wretchedness, which we all suffer from, to curb their own deviant behavior.

I've mentioned this in earlier posts, both here and on my Female Bullies blog, but it's worth repeating. Church bullies are often what is known as "covert narcissists." They are often difficult to spot, because they appear so holy, and unassuming.

From what I've seen, and from what's been reported elsewhere, these "meek and mild" narcissists are drawn to religious settings. There, they find fertile ground to maneuver themselves into positions of authority. This can be either a formal office they hold within the parish, or it can simply mean seizing control of all social activities.

Spotting covert narcissists, before getting too involved with them, can save you a lot of time and trouble down the road. If you are targeted by one, he or she will work relentlessly to drive you from your parish. However, they don't give away too many clues, and they have taught themselves to blend in so well that they can fool even the experts.

However, one sign, if you see it in a church person, is over-the-top self righteousness. Pay close attention to this one.

Pixabay image top by Nemo

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