Thursday, January 8, 2015

Group Think Can Also Happen at Church

Earlier this week, on my Female Bullies blog, I talked about the role of "group think" in a mobbing situation.

Group think can also happen in churches. This is a psychological phenomenon in which the dynamics of a particular group are not conducive to the individual critical thought process. Instead, people will march in lock-step with a highly charismatic leader, or a team of leaders. All discussions are then engineered so that the group will arrive at a predetermined conclusion, decided upon in advance by the people running the show.

It may appear as if there's a real debate going on. But this may be staged, just to make it appear as if it's a more democratic process. Narcissists and sociopaths, found in all walks of life, even at church, are extremely clever and very good at manipulating people and situations.

So, it's this "group think" dynamic that can result in a social mobbing, in a parish, in the church choir, on a committee or in a religious education program.

Narcissists love power and they love to run things. They will seize any opportunity to push people around. Churches offer them the perfect venue, especially if the pastor is outnumbered by a narcissist's flying monkeys.

Although group think is not always a bad thing, because sometimes groups and committees need to agree, in order to move forward, it can also be a highly destructive force when a church bully is running the show.

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