Friday, February 20, 2015

A Church Bully's View of Morality

Church bullies have a strange sense of morality. They are overly focused on one type of sin, which they observe or imagine others engaged in. The predators I've met are very quick to point out if someone isn't dressed modestly enough, if their children are not dressed appropriately or if someone's marital situation is not in accordance with God's commandments.

These folks also love to dredge up past sins (of others), and talk about them to anyone who will listen. They seem to forget that going to confession with sincere repentance means that a person gains God's forgiveness. If He forgives someone, then we should as well. (This blog is written from a Catholic perspective, but all are welcome to read, follow and comment.)

Also, they seem oblivious to the fact that if God is keeping someone alive, He dearly loves them. We must do the same.

Curiously, these abusers become almost obsessed with one type of sin. But there are others, which are also highly immoral. For instance, slander, gossip and bearing false witness against your neighbor are downright evil. So is conspiring to drive an individual or a family from a parish or other place of worship. But, somehow, church bullies turn a blind eye to their own failings.

Morality means so much more than simply living a chaste life, and expending a considerable amount of energy to make sure others are doing the same.

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